Car Candy Product Information


Installation of Car Candy™ license plate frames:

Use your existing license plate screws to adhere your new Car Candy™ license plate frame. Or, if you purchased the Anti-Theft Screws/”locking fasteners”, use the accompanying patented pin system key provided to screw in the fasteners. If using the Anti-Theft Screws, we recommend putting the pin/key in the glove compartment for future use. Caution: Do not overtighten the screws as this could damage the frame!


Frame Care & Cleaning:

For a quick clean, wipe lightly with a baby wipe or a damp soft/microfiber cloth, then gently wipe dry with soft/microfiber cloth. For the ultimate shine and sparkle, give your frame a Car Candy™ Bling Bath!

Mix the following: 1 tablespoon water, 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol, 1 drop mild liquid dish detergent. Using a soft/microfiber cloth, gently wipe the frame and crystals clean, then gently wipe dry with soft/microfiber cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or powders!


Cold Weather Warning & Disclaimer:

Please note that we strongly recommend that you remove your Car Candy™ license plate frame during the winter season if you live in colder climate areas as the salt and gravel on the roads may dislodge or damage the crystals/embellishments on the frame. Any damage caused from these stated cold weather conditions will not be covered by the warranty.


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